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EMS Board Day 1

02/28/2023 09:00 AM - 02 /28/2023 05:00 PM

1 West Wilson Street, Room 751 and Simulcast Via Zoom, Madison, WI- 53703


Agency: Department of Health Services
Contact: Dan Williams

EMS Board Day 1
February 28th, 2023
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
In-Person at DHS, 1 West Wilson St, Madison, WI, Room 751 and Simulcast Via Zoom
ZOOM Link:
Dial in: 1 669 254 5252, Meeting ID: 160 949 1967, Passcode: 700952
1. Welcome and Board Member Check-in
2. Call the EMS Board Meeting to Order
3. Board Member announcement(s) and review of committee meeting logistics. Committee Meetings will occur in succession, in the order listed below, with a 10-minute break between Standing Committee Workgroup Sessions. Approximate start and end times are provided for reference. Nonetheless, the meetings will continue in succession, and breaks will be taken between each meeting.
4. EMS for Children Meeting with the EMS Board (Dr. Michael Kim/Dr. Lorin Browne/Chair) 9:00-10:00am
a. Roll call of Committee members (Browne, Kim)
b. Approval of Committee meeting minutes (Browne, Kim)
c. Discussion of new EMS for Children Performance Measures (Browne, Kim)
d. Discussion of EMS Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Activities (Browne, Kim)
e. Discussion of education updates and Wisconsin EMS Association collaboration (Browne, Kim)
f. Adjourn committee (Browne, Kim)
5. Standing EMS Committee - System Quality & Data (Dr. Chris Eberlein, Chair) @ Approximately 10:10
a. Roll Call of Committee Members & Introductions
b. Approval of Previous Committee Meeting Minutes
c. Public comment opportunity to Committee (2 minutes per attendee unless pre-authorized by Chair)
d. Determine Committee Member as Recording Secretary (Eberlein)
e. Data review: (Will Koehne) General Overview of EMS Data including Biospatial and public information.
f. Data goals/benchmarks discussion: (Koehne, Spigner)
g. Pediatric specific data discussion: (Kim)
h. WARDS Update, Compliance, interoperability updates and general discussion (Rybczyk/Schultz): Review Validation rules as a needed for Office. Image trend improvement discussion. Review state
medication lists, procedure lists, PMH, allergies, meds. Update for change of scope reflection in WARDS.
i. EMS Subcommittee for EMS system stress (Schultz)
j. CQI Project update (Rybczyk): Pediatric weight.
k. NEMSIS version 3.5 new data elements discussion (Rybczyk)
l. Gap analysis review (Rybczyk)
m. CARES WISCONSIN update: (Office)
n. New Business
o. Adjourn
6. Standing EMS Committee – Education & Training (Greg West/Chair) @ 11:15
a. Welcome and introductions of members.
b. Approve the minutes from previous committee meeting(s)
c. Public comment opportunity to Committee (2 minutes per attendee unless pre-authorized by Chair)
d. Moment of silence for Tim Weir’s passing
e. WTCS updates from Angie White (interim WTCS EMS Education Director)
f. EMSTC Advisory Council updates (Rick Anderson)
g. DHS updates related to EMS education and training, including status of 2023-26 license renewal process
h. Discussion regarding the status of the various EMS curricula at each level
i. Discussion regarding the use of a portfolio project at the EMT (and other) levels
j. Future Agenda Items
k. Adjourn
12:15-13:25 (Approximately) Lunch on Your Own (Immediately Following the Education and Training meeting). A quorum of Board members may be present; However, Board business will not be discussed or conducted at this time.
7. Standing EMS Committee – System Management & Development (Chris Anderson, Chair) @13:30
a. Roll Call of Committee Members/Introduction
b. Approval of Committee Meeting Minutes Since Last Regularly Scheduled Meeting
c. Public comment opportunity to Committee (2 minutes per attendee unless pre-authorized by Chair)
d. Emerging Infectious Disease Response
i. Discuss with possible Committee recommendation ongoing issues/gaps/best practices of COVID or other pandemic response
e. Discuss with possible Committee recommendations related to EMS-Hospital Diversions (Clark/Colella)
f. Discuss with possible Committee recommendation Medical Equipment Standards to serve as replacement for list currently in Trans 309 (Anderson)
g. Office Update Items
i. Update on dissemination, promotion and education of National Guidelines for the Field Triage of Injured Patients (Colella)
ii. Update related to Statewide Protocols Project (Colella)
iii. Discuss State EMS Office EMS Practitioner Turnover Survey (Bates)
iv. Updates from WI State Inter-Op Communications Committees (Kimlicka/Westover)
h. Discuss and develop future business items
i. EMS preparedness / response to Ebola (consider ASPR guidelines)
ii. Committee’s role in addressing recruitment/retention/staffing issues
iii. Discuss possible bill to allow transport of "Working Dogs" from an emergency scene to a veterinarian’s office
iv. Discuss EMS Section/OPHEC workgroup to address MCI/EMS surges
v. RN/PA scope of practice while working as EMS crew member
vi. Flight crew transports in other agency’s ambulance
vii. Update from Critical Care/Interfacility Transport Guidelines (Clark) -Tabled due to COVID-19 response
i. Resume / revise in 2023
i. Adjourn
8. Standing EMS Committee – Physician’s Advisory Committee (PAC) (Dr. Steven Zils/Chair) 15:00-16:30 Hours
a. Roll Call of Committee Members & Introductions
b. Approval of Previous Committee Meeting Minutes
c. Public comment opportunity to Committee (2 minutes per attendee unless pre-authorized by Chair)
d. EMS Office Report (Bates)
i. Discussion, review and possible action on revision of DHS110
e. State Medical Director Report (Colella)
f. Discussion, review and possible action on EMS Office approved medical director course for medical directors (Zils)
g. Discussion, review and possible action on EMR, EMT, AEMT, Intermediate, Paramedic scope of practice (Zils) (standing item)
i. Heads up CPR devices
h. Discuss, review and possible action on State Protocols (Colella) (standing item)
i. Discuss, review and possible action on aligning protocols (use of medication groups rather than specific medications) and/or have a statement that allows for local interchange (Kronenfeld)
j. Discuss, review and possible action on Medical Direction during transport (Zemple)
k. Discuss, review and possible action on Specialty Care Transport (Zemple)
l. Discuss, review and possible action on DNR (Zemple)
m. Discuss and develop future new business (Zils)
n. Adjourn committee
9. Recess Board Meeting until 09:00 on March 1st, 2023
(Technical Note: Should time not allow for all Committee agenda items assigned to 02/28/2023, the EMS Board may address them on 03/01/2023 during committee reports.)
The purpose of this meeting is to conduct the governmental business outlined in the agenda. The EMS Board makes recommendations to DHS on general EMS issues either assigned by legislation or raised by members of the public. Medical issues are referred to the Physician Advisory Committee. EMS Board and Physician Advisory Committee are established pursuant to s. 256.04, Wis. Stats.
DHS is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. If you need accommodations because of a disability, if you need an interpreter or translator, or if you need this material in another language or in alternate format, you may request assistance to participate by contacting Dan Williams at 608-261-6738 or

Americans with Disabilities Act Statement

Reasonable accommodations, including the provision of informational material in an alternative format, will be provided for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. This agency, to the maximum extent possible, holds all meetings in facilities that are physically accessible to persons with disabilities.  For questions about accessibility, contact the meeting's sponsoring division.