Wisconsin Public Meeting Notices & Minutes

Governor Scott Walker issued Executive Order #235 to further increase open and transparent government in Wisconsin. This Executive Order directed state agencies, including departments, boards, councils and commissions, to post all open meeting notices and meeting minutes on the Wisconsin public meeting notices website beginning September 1, 2017. The goal of this website is to be a centralized location for state agencies to post open meeting notices and meeting minutes in an effort to increase state government transparency.

About Public Meeting Notices and Minutes

Governor Walker believes government must be efficient, effective, and accountable to best serve the citizens of Wisconsin. In 2013, Governor Walker launched OpenBook, which allows the public for the first time to search state expenditures. Governor Walker also increased government accountability by requiring each cabinet agency to report quarterly on its performance through Agency Performance Dashboards. Now, Governor Walker is launching another resource to increase transparency in government by directing state agencies to post their public meeting notices and minutes online. This centralized website allows citizens to access public information in a way that is more convenient and transparent.

This website shares public meeting notices and minutes for state agencies. All state cabinet agencies are required by Governor Walker’s Executive Order #235 to post their public meeting notices and meeting minutes. Additional state agencies and boards also contribute posting meeting notices and minutes to develop a more robust listing of publicly available centralized meeting information.

Agencies Contributing Public Notices