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Wisconsin Public Meeting Notices & Minutes

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Public Notices

Governor's Council on Migrant Labor's Ad Hoc Committee on Migrant Seasonal Farmworkers Meeting

09/19/2022 10:00 AM

Virtual Meeting via Microsoft Teams, Madison, WI- 53703


Agency: Department of Workforce Development
Contact: Kathryn Mueller
(608) 733-3907

Meeting via MS TEAM
Meeting ID: 272 309 175 743
Passcode: tJDrY4

  1. Welcome and Introductions 
    1. Roll call of current committee members 
      1. Erica Sweitzer-Beckman - Chairperson
      2. John Bauknecht
      3. Erica Kunze
      4. Aimee Jo Castleberry
      5. Kate Lambert
      6. Laura Waldvogel
    2. Intro of other council members present
    3. Introductions of meeting attendees
  2.  Approval of Agenda 
  3. Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes
    1. April 11, 2022 Meeting Minutes
    2. May 25, 2022 Meeting Minutes
  4. Discussion of DWD 301 Items
    1. 301.05(8)(c) vehicle insurance policies and federal requirements at 29 CFR 500.122 
    2. 301.06 Information to be included in work agreements, the calculation of the minimum guarantee
    3. Health and sanitation standards related to infectious diseases
    4. 301.07 Labor camp standards
    5. 301.09 Field sanitation standards
    6. Any other areas covered by the statement of scope
  5. Old Business 
    1. Navigator Grant Update 
    2. Discussion on valid work search actions for UI claimants
      1. For reference:  Wis. Stat. § 108.04(2)(a)3; Wis. Admin. Code DWD § 127, and work search requirement section of the current handbook for claimants: 
    3. Suggestions for UI Handbook Updates
  6. New Business
    1. Committee members may suggest new topics for the committee to discuss
  7. Announcements/ Future Items
    1. The next Ad Hoc Committee on Migrant Seasonal Farmworkers is Monday, October 17, 2022, at 10:00 AM
    2. The next meeting of the Governor’s Council on Migrant Labor is Wednesday, October 19, 2022, at 10:00 AM
    3. Other announcements by committee members

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