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State EMS Advisory Board – Day 2

03/01/2023 09:00 AM - 03 /01/2023 04:00 PM

1 West Wilson Street, Room 751 and Simulcast Via Zoom, Madison, WI- 53703


Agency: Department of Health Services
Contact: Danny Williams

State EMS Advisory Board – Day 2
March 01, 2023
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
In-Person at DHS, 1 West Wilson St, Madison, WI, 53703 and Simulcast Via Zoom Meetings,
ZOOM Link:
Dial in: 1 669 254 5252, Meeting ID: 160 764 8510, Passcode: 450382
1. Meeting called to order
2. Welcome and EMS Board Member roll call
3. Approval of previous EMS Board meeting(s) minutes
4. Public comment opportunity regarding Board agenda or special announcements
(2 minutes max per attendee unless Chair extends period, excluding invited subject matter expert guests)
5. Report from EMS Section Representative, DHS Representative(s), and Section Staff, with possible recommendations/action from EMS Board regarding Administration, Education, and Operations
a. EMS Section report and need for Board discussion and/or action.
i. State Medical Director report
b. Board/Committee assignment(s) for EMS State Plan
c. Community EMT Program Status Update(s)
d. EMS Flex Grant after action review
e. DHS 110.03 waiver data review process
f. Review of State Statute 256.15(f) (2-5)
g. EMS Board Travel Reimbursement Process
h. Emergency Medical Provider License Renewals Update
i. Posted website documents and applicable continuing education dates
6. Reports from Standing Committee Chairs with possible recommendations/action from Committee Recommendations (see Committee Agendas for business items)
a. Physician’s Advisory Committee (PAC) (Proxy for Dr. Steven Zils/Chair)
b. Education & Training (Greg West/Chair)
c. System Management & Development (Chris Anderson/Chair)
d. System Quality & Data (Dr. Eberlein/Chair)
e. EMS for Children (Dr. Kim/Dr. Browne/Chair)
7. Report on Health Care Coalition State Advisory Committee – Standing Update Report (Clark)
a. Report on Health Care Coalition State Advisory Committee (Clark)
i. State MCI Plan/Critical Transport Workgroup: Awaiting meeting scheduling by EMS Office/OPEHC
ii. Strategic Planning/Carry Over Funds: Ongoing process
iii. Crisis Standards of Care: Ongoing
8. Report on State Trauma Advisory Committee (Clark)
a. Joint EMS Board-STAC Meeting: June 7, 1300-1400 (prior to STAC Meeting)
i. Topics for Joint Meeting
1. EMS related trauma data
2. ACS Field Triage of Injured Patients: feedback on effects of update guidelines on EMS transports
3. MCI EMS-Hospital Interactions
4. EMS aspects of STAC strategic plan
5. Updated to WI HEMS Guidelines
ii. Format of Joint Meeting
9. Communicable Disease / Pandemic Updates, Planning, Preparedness, and Public Health Concerns – Standing Update Report (Board & EMS Section)
10. Updates and Actions, as needed, related to Epidemic Initiatives (including but not limited to Overdose & Mental Health) in Wisconsin & Role(s) that the EMS Board can assist with – Standing Discussion & Update Report (Full Board & EMS Section/DHS)
11. Legislation Updates Report on EMS Topics (standing item) (Pluess)
12. Updates on Ground Emergency Medical Transport Legislation Implementation (Anderson / Biggart)
13. Discuss, as needed, new EMS equipment concepts with possible recommendation as applicable (standing item)
14. Updates Regarding Behavioral Health and Wellness of EMS Workers Initiatives (standing item) (Pluess/Ridings)
15. Discussion to plan for June Committee and EMS Board leadership elections
16. Discussion and vote on revised EMS Board’s Operating Guidelines document (EMS Board)
17. Motion/Vote: Closed session (Board and EMS office) - to review complaints received by the WI EMS program and provide consultation per Wis. Stat. § 256.08(4). The closed session is authorized under Wis. Stat. § 19.85(1)(f).
18. Transition to Open Session and report formal Board action, if applicable
19. Adjourn
Technical Note: There will be breaks throughout the meeting, additionally the Board will adjourn when the agenda items have been addressed which may be before the scheduled end time.
The purpose of this meeting is to conduct the governmental business outlined in the agenda. The EMS Board makes recommendations to DHS on general EMS issues either assigned by legislation or raised by members of the public. Medical issues are referred to the Physician Advisory Committee. EMS Board and Physician Advisory Committee are established pursuant to s. 256.04, Wis. Stats.
DHS is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. If you need accommodations because of a disability, if you need an interpreter or translator, or if you need this material in another language or in alternate format, you may request assistance to participate by contacting Dan Williams at 608-261-6738 or

Americans with Disabilities Act Statement

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