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Apprenticeship Advisory Committee - La Crosse Area Carpenters JAC

06/15/2020 04:00 PM

2421 Larson St, La Crosse, WI- 54603-1818

Agency: Department of Workforce Development
Contact: Patti Johnson 715-355-0800

La Crosse Area Carpenters JAC
Carpenters Local 1143
2421 Larson St
La Crosse, WI 54603
Monday, June 15, 2020
4:00 p.m. 

1.	Call to Order
2.	Roll Call
3.	Reading and approval of December 16, 2020 meeting minutes
4.	Adjourn to Closed Session
a.	Letter of Introduction
b.	New Indentures
c.	Transfers/Re-Assignments/Completions
d.	Apprentice Reviews
e.	One Year Reviews
5.	Resume Open Session
a.	Applicant Test (YTD): 14
6.	Old Business
a.	OSHA 30:  Discussion regarding adding OSHA 30 (30 hours) to the curriculum, making Safety Week into 2 weeks. Concern regarding the lack of industry need for OSHA 30 amounted to the JAC deciding to table the topic until March JAC meeting. Committee will review the exact curriculum that will be added and the theory behind the need. 
b.	Policies and Procedures Update
c.	Western Technical College Wood Technics Program:  Discussion regarding granting hours of paid or unpaid related instruction up to 120 hrs.  Wall Const. = 40 hrs, Exterior Finish & Door Hardware = 40 hrs, Roof Framing = 40 hrs.
7.	New Business
a.	Work Card Policy
b.	Unassignment Form
8.	Other Business
a.	Affirmative Action
b.	Confirm next meeting date: September 21, 2020
9.	Adjourn Meeting 

If any questions, please call: Patti Johnson @ (715) 355-0800 or

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